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Dario Caro


Dario Caro


My research focuses on coupling human and natural systems and sustainable systems analysis including energy policy; waste management; pollution and natural resources embodied in international trade and the complex interactions of agriculture/livestock, climate change and global ecology. 

I investigated the application of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories at different levels of analysis (micro and macro scale). I collaborate with research  partners such as government agencies and academic institutions.  I focused on alternative methods to allocate responsibility of GHG emissions in international trade. I spent six months at Carnegie institution of Science at Department of global ecology in Stanford (California) dealing with the embodied emission in trade, comparing production- (IPCC inventory) with consumption-based accounting (input-output analysis or Life Cycle Assessment). My two post doc’s concerned (i) Ecosystem services and CO2 emissions evaluation due to micro-algae production aimed to biofuel production, at the University of Siena, and (ii) Quantification of the potential global methane emission reduction by using several technologies, at the University of California. Currently I am a tenure track researcher in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Aarhus University. The main tasks lie in research and research-based public sector. In addition, teaching to some extent in the environmental sciences.

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