Aarhus Universitet

Claus Olesen


Curriculum Vitae

2008 Ph.D. Medicin
2008-2005 Ph.D Student Institute of Physiology and Biophysics University of Aarhus
2005 February Master Thesis MBI
2004 Denmark’s representative in the Star class (sailing) at the 2004 Olympics in Athens
2004-2003 Pre-thesis and thesis work
2003-2001 Professional yachtsman in the America’s Cup New Zealand.
1999 Enrolment at the Department of Molecular Biology Aarhus University (MBI)
2001-1998 Competitor in Match Race World Cup (sailing).
1998-1997 Attempting to qualify for the 2000 Olympics (sailing).
1996 Enrolment at Aarhus University Institute of Biology