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Chun Zhang

Becoming a 'Good' Chinese Language Teacher: Professional Identity, Learning Experience and Teaching Culture

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportPh.d.-afhandling


Recent studies on CFL (Chinese as foreign language) teacher identity have increasingly been paying attention to teachers’ beliefs, learning experience, and educational context. Whilst insightful, these studies have not addressed the ways CFL teachers relate their beliefs, experiences and context in the process of professional identity construction. This Ph.D. project addresses this research gap by aiming to understand what teachers believe who they are, what they think who the others are, and how they relate the understanding to their professional identities. The project is carried out within the Danish higher educational context. Ten CFL teachers from three Danish universities participated in the project. The dissertation has been divided into nine chapters. The 1st chapter is an introduction that presents an overall picture of the study. The 2nd chapter is about literature review. I provided a historical background about two major research areas. Then I reviewed empirical studies in the domain of CFL teacher identity research. After reviewing these studies, I raised two major concerns. In order to address these concerns in a theoretically sound manner, in the 3rd chapter, a proposed research model was proposed, which took social identity theory (Wenger 1998) and domain-related CFL research into consideration. Chapter 4 is about methodology. A qualitative research consisting of semi-structured interviews, classroom observation and researcher’s journal is adopted. Four studies reported in Chapter 5, 6, 7 and 8 are the most significant empirical studies aiming to address the research questions. They are based on the proposed research model. The 1st study reported in Chapter 5 aims to understand the factors influencing the professional identity construction of three nonnative-speaker teachers of Chinese. The study reveals that teachers' present teaching is closely influenced by teachers’ prior CFL learning experience at Chinese university, and the ability of making sense of their experience determines the degree each nonnative-speaker teacher of Chinese modify the sense of identification. The second study, reported in Chapter 6 aims to understand the identity construction of two new nonnative-speaker teachers of Chinese. A narrative approach is adopted. The study results show the relationship between prior domain-related (i.e., CFL learning) experience, their beliefs of being teachers, and their self-identification. The 3rd study, reported in Chapter 7, aims to understand the factors influencing the identity construction of three native-speaker teachers of Chinese teaching Chinese to Danish university students. The study revealed two interesting results. One result was that the ability of relating to student response from the perspective of the other cultures indicates a strong willingness of the native CFL teachers to find opportunities to engage with otherness. The other result was that the Chinese teachers seek the possibilities to establish a “third space”, upon which they construct their meaning of becoming ‘good’ teachers. The 4th study, reported in Chapter 8, aims to better understand the factors influencing the identity construction of three new native-speaker teachers of Chinese. The results revealed that the new teachers experienced tensions and conflicts while performing their preferred roles of teachers. These tensions and conflicts attributed to their negotiation between the implication of “Chinese-styled” teacher and “Danish-styled” teacher. Finally, in Chapter 9, the main research results are summarized, and major findings are discussed in terms of (1) interaction between teachers’ domain-related prior experience and teachers’ beliefs, (2) interplay between students’ responses and teachers’ beliefs, and (3) interrelation between teacher’s identity and teaching cultures. The conclusions, educational implications for CFL teacher education and development as well as some questions for further research are also developed and discussed in the final chapter.
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StatusUdgivet - 12 maj 2016
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