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Chun Zhang

PhD, Studielektor

Profile photoChun Zhang, PhD
Teaching Associate Professor
School of Culture and Society (China studies)
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 7 (1465/326)
DK-8000 Aarhus C
E-mail: ostzc@cas.au.dk
Telefon: +4587162304


A Genealogical Study of Kuang Qizhao's An English and Chinese Lexicon (1868)

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新手国际汉语教师的海外教学历程: 以丹麦、德国的两所大学为例

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'Do I develop intercultural competence from study abroad program in China?': An analysis of CFL student experiences at one Danish University

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Creating a TCFL Network within Nordic Universities: Action and Reflection

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Editors' Note


A Comparative Study on Error Analysis: Belgian (L1) and Danish (L1) learners’ use of Chinese (L2) comparative sentences in written production

Wu, X. & Zhang, C., 8 jul. 2015. 1 s.

On native Danish learners' challenges in distinguishing /tai/, /cai/ and /zai/: A perceptual study

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Danish-accented Chinese: A new research agenda

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Focus on Meaning: Mapping the semantic and conceptual representation of Chinese (L2) word in Chinese vocabulary learning

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Non-native Chinese Foreign Language (CFL) Teachers: Identity and Discourse

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Identity Construction of Native Chinese Language Teachers in Denmark: A Narrative Approach

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Lær kinesisk -bliv kineser?

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How to Improve Pragmatic Competence of Students Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language: Investigating Instructional Design Framework for Warm-up Activities to the 3rd-year Students

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