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Charlotte Rohde Knudsen


Personal information

Name: Charlotte Rohde Knudsen
Born: November 4, 1965
Address: Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Gustav Wieds Vej 10C, DK-8000 Aarhus C; phone +45 87155437; email crk@mbg.au.dk


2001- : Associate professor, Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University
1998-2000: Assistant professor, Dept. Molecular and Structural Biology, Aarhus University
1995-1998: Post-doctoral fellow, Dept. Chemistry, Aarhus University

Education and training

1995: Ph.D. degree, Faculty of Science, Aarhus University
1992: M. Sc. degree, Faculty of Science, Aarhus University
1995: Inst. Biochemistry, FU Berlin, Germany
1996-2000: Inst. Physical Biochemistry, University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany (5 months in total)

Research interests

Structure-functionstudies of the translation apparatus
Identificationand analysis of macromolecular interactions
Analysisof protein-RNA interactions
Canonicaland non-canonical roles of translation elongation factors
RNA-dependentRNA polymerases
(+)-strandedRNA viruses

Research leadership and funding (since 2001)


Improvement of antibiotic treatments byeradication of persistent bacteria

Supported by the Riisfort Foundation, the Gangsted Foundation and others


Structure-Function Studies of Viral RNAReplication

Supported by the Lundbeck Foundation and theNovo Nordisk Foundation



Characterization of the interaction betweenmuscarinic receptor M4 and translation elongation factor eEF1A2

Supported by the Lundbeck Foundation



Transforming properties of isoforms of translationelongation factor eEF1A

Supported by the Danish Cancer Society and theDanish Cancer Research Foundation



Single-molecule studies of the dynamics ofbacterial protein synthesis

Supported by the NIH, FNU, Leo Pharma ResearchFoundation

38 peer-reviewed publications, 7 book chapters
>558 citations, H-index 13 (Dec, 2016, Web of Science)

International congresses (invited speaker):
2011:American Society on Microbiology conference on Viral Genome Replication, Banff, Canada
2010: Murnau Conference on Structural Biology, Murnay, Germany
2000: 25th tRNA meeting, Cambridge, UK
1998: FEBS Advanced theoretical course “RNA: Biochemistry and Biotechnology”, Poznan, Poland.

International collaborators
•Y. Goldman, Dept. Physiology, Univ. Pennsylvania, USA: Dynamics of EF-Tu on the ribosome
•B. Cooperman, Dept. Chem., Univ. Pennsylvania, USA: Dynamics of EF-Tu on the ribosome
•B. Chetverin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia: Structural studies of the Qbeta RNA-polymerase complex
•A. Kapanidis, Univ. Oxford, UK: Single-molecule studies of Qbeta infection

Bachelor courses: 1992-1993: Class exercises in Basic organic chemistry for biologists. 1993-1994: Instructor in basic laboratory courses on DNA and protein technology. 1995-2006: Class exercises in "General Molecular Biology". 2000-2006: Organization of and instruction in the laboratory exercises related to "General Molecular Biology". 2006-present: Lecturer in "General Molcular Biology".
PhD courses: 2010-present: Lectures and class exercises in "Protein Technology"

2011: Awarded the prize for "Best lecturer of the year" by students at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
2013: Awarded the prize for "Best lecturer of the year" by students at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

2010: Teaching and Learning Workshop Series offered by Center for Science Education, teacher Quentin Vicens
2011: Course in "Research supervision" offered by Centre for Teaching Development, teacher Gitte Wichmann-Hansen
2011: Management Course for Research Leaders at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics


Postdoctoral training: FleurDolman (2010-2013), Jeanette Brejning (2005-2008), Romualdas Stapulionis(2002-2005), Francisco Mansilla (2001-2004)


PhD: Heidi GytzOlesen (2015), Mateusz Dyla (2015; co-supervisor), Darius Kavaliauskas (2012),Louise Dyhrman Dahl (2010), Camilla Andersen (2009; co-supervisor), HenrikKarring (2002; co-supervisor), Francisco Mansilla Castano (2001;co-supervisor), Anne Birgitte Nautrup-Pedersen (2001; co-supervisor), AgnieszkaDanielewicz (2000; co-supervisor)

MSc: Mie Stilling(degree expected in 2017), Manar Mehri (degree expected in 2017), HenrikPedersen (degree expected in 2017), Durita Mohr (2014), Michael Gulev (2014),Bosene Chelchessa (2013), Hanne Lærke Jørgensen (2012), Liina Ränkel (2009),Sumangala Bhattacharya (2008), Kristian Aabo Blichfeld (2007), Marianne Vad(2006), Lise Refstrup Pedersen (2005; co-supervisor), Mandana Jadidi (2002),Irene Friis (2002), Carlota Domínguez (2002, co-supervisor), Anne Strømgård(2001), Thomas Rattenborg (1997; co-supervisor), Martin Laurberg (1997;co-supervisor), Francisco Mansilla Castano (1996; co-supervisor)

Molecular Biologyprojects: Marjun a Fridriksmørk (2017), Mie Stilling (2016), Manar Mehri(2016), Elif Erdem (2012), Sara Gutiérrez Ángel (2010), Laura Bel Borja (2010),Lina Vasiliauskaite (2010), Helena Pimentel (2009), Kristian Aabo Blichfeld(2005), Andre da Silva (2004; co-supervisor), Irene Friis (2000), MandanaJadidi (2000)

Bachelor: Laust Baunhøj (2017), AndersNørgaard (2017), Shehin Marmoodzada (2016), Marjun a Fridriksmørk (2016), PernilleSkov Rasmussen (2016), Rikke Stick Hansen (2015), Manar Mehri (2014), MichaelGulev (2012), Lykke Andreasen (2012), Bosene Chelchessa (2008), Anne Bie(2008), Bertel Holst Jepsen (2006)


Internships: FatmaFeyza Özgen (2013), Nadieh de Jonge (2009)

Technician students:Maria-Alexandra Vatasescu (2013), Lene Utuaq (2010), Sanne Nordestgaard Jensen(2004), Benedicte Vestergaard (2002-2003), Anja Aagaard Pedersen (2002-2003),Charlotte Lauridsen (1998-1999)

Evaluation of others work

Thesis evaluation/opponent: University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark
Reviewer of major research grants: Welcome trust (UK), Latvian Research Council
Reviews for scientific journals: Nature Communications, PLoS ONE, Oncogene, FEBS Journal, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Cancer Letters, Journal of Biotechnology, BMC Cancer, Eur. J. Clin. Invest.

Committee work

Member of the Board of careers guidance, Faculty of Science (2004-2010), the Departmental Council (2005-2010), the PhD field Committee for Molecular Biology (2005-present)