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I am deeply involved in pioneering research that investigates the synergistic effects of hyperthermia and radiation therapy in cancer treatment. My work is preclinical and primarily explores how varying the time intervals between radiation and hyperthermia impacts treatment efficacy and how different temperatures during hyperthermia sessions influence radiation response. A significant focus of my research lies in understanding the underlying mechanisms of this synergy, including alterations in tumor hypoxia, DNA damage repair, and immune responses. My projects also examine the specific conditions under which hyperthermia might enhance the effects of re-irradiation, aiming to optimize therapeutic outcomes while minimizing damage to normal tissues. This research is crucial for developing more effective cancer treatments and is part of a larger collaborative effort under the European Union's HYPERBOOST consortium, which aims to advance the application of hyperthermia in conjunction with radiotherapy.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Bioethics-Medical ethics, Masters of Bioethics, The concept of Clinical Equipoise: Why Still The Gold Standard For Randomized Clinical Trials?, KU Leuven

sep. 2019okt. 2021

Dimissionsdato: 29 okt. 2021

Biomedical sciences, Belgium, Biodistribution and Cytotoxicity of Gold Nanoparticle for Cancer Therapy, UMSC Hasselt

sep. 2017sep. 2019

Dimissionsdato: 17 sep. 2019

Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Malaria Diagnosis Using Clinical symptoms and lab Confirmation test, University of Buea

sep. 20092013

Dimissionsdato: 28 jun. 2013


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