Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen

  1. Reproductive health in men and women with congenital heart disease

    Knudsen, U. B., Arendt, L. H., Ramlau-Hansen, C. & Hjortdal, V. E.


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  2. PhD project, 2013-2018: Celiac disease Occurrence in Denmark and impact on reproduction

    Grode, L. B., Bech, B. H., Humaidan, P., Agerholm, I. E., Jensen, T. M. & Ramlau-Hansen, C.


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  3. Changes in calcium homeostasis and bone metabolism during and after lactation

    Liendgaard, U. K. M., Henriksen, T. B., Ramlau-Hansen, C., Rejnmark, L. & Mosekilde, L.


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