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Catalina Suarez Londoño

Ph.d.-studerende, Lønnet ph.d-stipendiat

Catalina Suarez Londoño


I obtained my bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering in 2021, from University of La Sabana in Colombia. Next, I got my master’s degree in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering at Aarhus University in January of 2023. During my thesis I created a computational model of the Blood-Brain Barrier, studying its transport mechanisms and focusing on the transport of oxygen, through diffusion and iron, through receptor-mediated transport with transferrin. This led to a functional Multiphysics COMSOL model that could closely predict the demeanor of said mechanisms for both healthy and damaged tissue. Currently, my PhD project is focused on understanding and predicting the interaction between cells and their environment, such as how mechanical signals and substrate stiffness can lead to a change in cell differentiation or cell attachment. The goal is to have a computational model that resembles the physical behavior of cells and can predict its outcome.

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