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Carl Christian Hoffmann


Curriculum Vitae

1998  PhD, from University of Copenhagen. Freshwater-Biological Laboratory, March 1998.
1985  Cand. scient. (M.Sc.) from University of Copenhagen. Freshwater-Biological Laboratory, June 1985.
1989 ··    The National Environmental Research Institute, Department of Terrestrial Ecology, January 1989. Transferred to Department of Freshwater Ecology, January 1993. From January 1996 in the Department of Streams and Riparian Areas (Department of Freshwater Ecology divided in two new dp's). 2001 Department of Freshwater Ecology.
1988 ·· 1988  Technician, Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, June 1988 to November 1988.
1988 ·· 1988  Part-time lecturer in environmental science at the Technical Academy, Copenhagen, February 1988 to July 1988.
1988 ·· 1989  Researcher at The Centre of Soil Ecology (Department in Danish EPA), November 1988, which was integrated as Department of Terrestrial Ecology in The National Environmental Research Institute, January 1989.
1985 ·· 1988  Research assistant, Freshwater-Biological Laboratory, from June 1985 to June 1988.
English Speaking: excellent Writing:    excellentReading: excellent
French Speaking: good Writing:    fairReading: good
German Speaking: fair Writing:    fairReading: fair
Projects: Coordinator and leadership
2011-2015: IDRÆN -Drainage filter technologies for optimized reduction of nutrients WP4: Documentation of drainage filter efficiency (WP-leader). 2010-2015: SupremeTech - Sustainable Phosphorus Remediation and Recycling Technologies in the Landscape, WP leader, N-removal by denitrification. 2009-13: Development and test of new cost-effective monitoring technologies and planning design for restoration of wetlands – MONITECH, WP-leader. 2007-11: Establishment of emission factors for Danish organic soils, Project leader. 2007-10: Best management of stream banks, buffer zones and floodplains for reducing agricultural phosphorus losses - BUFFALO-P, WP leader. 1997-01: Land use – The farmer as manager of the landscape, Project leader. 1992-96: Nutrient cycling in riparian wet meadows, Project leader.