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Cameron David Warner


  • Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Afdeling for Antropologi
Moesgård Allé 20
4236, 116

E-mail: etncw@cas.au.dk

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Telefon: +4587162667


A Gateway to Learning: "Modern Education" in the Monastery

Warner, C. D., 2020, (Accepteret/In press) Educational transformations and avenues of learning: Anthropological perspectives on education in Nepal. Valentin, K. & Pradhan, U. (red.). Oxford University Press

Expertise, Labour and Mobility in Nepal’s Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Law, Construction and Finance as Domains of Social Transformation

Warner, C. D., Shneiderman, S., Hirslund, D., Baniya, J., Le Billon, P., Limbu, B., Pandey, B., Rankin, K., Rawal, N., Chandra Subedi, P., Suji, M. & Thapa, D., 2020, (Accepteret/In press) Epicentre to Aftermath: Rebuilding and remembering in the wake of Nepal’s earthquakes . Hutt, M., Liechty, M. & Lotter, S. (red.). Oxford: Cambridge University Press, 24 s.

The Museum of Impermanence

Johnsen, U. H., Otto, T. & Warner, C. D., 2020, (Accepteret/In press) Impermanence: exploring continuous change across cultures. Geismar, H., Otto, T. & Warner, C. (red.). London: UCL Press

Tibetan Heritage in Urban China

Warner, C. D., jun. 2019, I : Volume. 55, Intangible Cultural Heritage

Forgænglighedens Museum: Historier fra Nepal, Papua Ny Guinea og Tibet

Otto, T., Warner, C. D. & Johnsen, U. H., 9 feb. 2019

The Value and Impermanence of Tibetan Culture

Warner, C. D., 28 maj 2018

On the Road from Hinduism to Buddhism: Global Buddhism, the Conversion of Nepali Hindus, and What Comes Between

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The Precious Relics of Tibet: Social Values and the Preservation of Religious Artifacts in Lhasa and Copenhagen

Warner, C., 18 nov. 2016.

Introduction: Aftershocked

Warner, C., Hindman, H. & Snellinger, A., 14 okt. 2015

The Photographed Gift: Participation, Relief Efforts, and Social Media

Schorr, S. & Warner, C., 14 okt. 2015

A Memorial of Heroes Past: Portraying Tibetan Self-Immolation on Facebook

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Handbook of Tibetan Iconometry: A Guide to the Arts of the 17th Century. Edited by CHRISTOPH CÜPPERS, LEONARD VAN DER KUIJP, and ULRICH PAGEL, with a Chinese introduction by DOBIS TSERING GYAL. Leiden: Brill, 2012. x, 386 pp. $138.00 (cloth).

Warner, C. D., 27 feb. 2014, I : Journal of Asian Studies. 73, 1, s. 234-236 3 s.

On the Relationship Between Method and the Object of Study When Studying Religion

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Hope and Sorrow: Uncivil Religion, Tibetan Music Videos, and Youtube

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Seeing modernitet i den rekonstruerede stupaer på Samye, Tibets første kloster

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Image Consecration

Warner, C. D., 13 apr. 2012

The Blazing Horror of Now

Warner, C. D., 12 apr. 2012, I : Cultural Anthropology.

Arrested Histories. Tibet, the CIA, and Memories of a Forgotten War

Warner, C., mar. 2012, I : Ethnos. 77, 1, s. 150-153 3 s.

Buddhism and Empire: The Political and Religious Culture of Early Tibet

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Dischords on Human Rights

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Jokhang: Tibet's Most Sacred Buddhist Temple

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'Solen er draget til det sydlige kontinent' Tibetanske Musikvideoer på Youtube

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Re/crowning the Jowo Śākyamuni: Texts, Photographs, and Memories

Warner, C., aug. 2011, I : History of Religions. 51, 1, s. 1-30

A Miscarriage of History: Wencheng Gongzhu and Sino-Tibetan Historiography

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A Prolegomenon to a Study of the ‘Palladium of Tibet,’ the Jo bo Śākyamuni Statue

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The Genesis of Tibet’s First Buddha Images: An Annotated Translation from Three Editions of 'The Vase-shaped Pillar Testament (Bka’ chems ka khol ma)'

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Unmistaken Child

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Obama and the Dalai Lama

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Rulers on the Celestial Plain: Ecclesiastical and Secular Hegemony in Medieval Tibet. A Study of Tshal Gung-thang

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The Precious Lord: The History and Practice of the Cult of the Jowo Śākyamuni Statue in Lhasa, Tibet

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Becoming the Buddha: The Ritual of Image Consecration in Thailand

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Kunga Nyingpo

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Dream A Better Dream

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BuMo: Buddhism and Modernity: Global Dynamics of Transmission and Translation

Beek, M. V., Gravers, M., Borup, J., Warner, C. D., Ørberg, E. W., Doctor, A. & Østergaard, J.

Forskningrådet for Kultur og Kommunikation


Expertise, Labour and Mobility in Nepal's Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Warner, C. D.

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada


Nepal on the Move: Nepal on the Move: Conflict, migration and stability

Seeberg, J., Valentin, K., Warner, C. D., Agergaard, J., Banskota, M., Sharma, S., Subba, T. & Ranjan, G.

Forskningsfagligt Udvalg (FFU), Danida


Precious Relics: Materiality and Value in the Practice of Ethnographic Collection

Warner, C. D., Otto, T. & Johnsen, U. H.

Det frie forskningsråd - DFF



'Do What You Think About': Fashionable Responses to the End of Tibet

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

2 maj 2019

'Do What You Think About': Fashionable Responses to the End of Tibet

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

9 jul. 2019

21st IAHR World Congress 2015

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør)

24 aug. 2015

AAA (American Anthropological Association)

Cameron David Warner (Deltager)

18 nov. 2016

AAL Institute Spring Research Seminar

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør)

1 dec. 20106 maj 2011

Aarhus Universitet (Ekstern organisation)

Cameron David Warner (Medlem)

1 aug. 2009 → …

Becoming Buddhist: Migration, Mobility, and Emerging Forms of Buddhism in Nepal

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

1 sep. 2017

Buddhism and Modernity

Cameron David Warner (Deltager)

31 okt. 20132 nov. 2013

Buddhist Material Culture

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør)

21 aug. 201121 sep. 2011

Constraint Thinking: How Material (and other) Hindrances Can Lead to Successful Design

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

13 aug. 2019

Cultural Anthropology (Tidsskrift)

Cameron David Warner (Redaktør)

1 jun. 201514 okt. 2015

Doing Fieldwork and Doing Experiments in the Wild: From Participant Observation and Experimental Studies to Social Behavior

Cameron David Warner (Andet)

11 maj 2011

Ethnicity and Religion

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør)

1 apr. 201327 sep. 2013

Harvard Buddhist Studies Forum

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

7 dec. 2015

Hope and Sorrow: Tibetan Music, Politics and Globalization

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

9 okt. 2009

Indian and Tibetan Visual Culture

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør)

3 maj 2011

Inevitable Ends

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør), , Ton Otto (Arrangør), & Ulrik Høj Johnsen (Arrangør)

2 maj 20194 maj 2019

Inevitable Ends: An Anthropology of Impermanence

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

17 aug. 2017

Journal of Buddhist Ethics (Tidsskrift)

Cameron David Warner (Redaktør)

12 okt. 2012 → …

Lessons from a Sand Mandala

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

13 feb. 2019

Matchpoints 2013

Cameron David Warner (Taler)

25 maj 2013

Matchpoints 2014

Cameron David Warner (Deltager)

24 maj 2014

Matchpoints 2014

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør)

24 maj 2014

Megaseminar 2019: Time to Choose

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør), , Katrine Mandrup Bach (Arrangør), , Emilie Lund Mortensen (Arrangør), , Flora Botelho (Arrangør), , Anna Maria Frost-Jensen (Arrangør), , Sandra Lori Petersen (Arrangør), , Henrik Hvenegaard Mikkelsen (Arrangør), , Henrik Erdman Vigh (Arrangør), & Ayo Wahlberg (Arrangør)

12 aug. 201914 aug. 2019

Nepal on the Move

Cameron David Warner (Deltager)

22 feb. 20143 mar. 2014

Nepal on the Move

Cameron David Warner (Deltager)

8 feb. 201210 feb. 2012

Nepal on the Move Workshop

Cameron David Warner (Deltager)

23 jun. 201328 jun. 2013

Numen (Tidsskrift)

Cameron David Warner (Redaktør)

1 okt. 20111 dec. 2013

Paperless Residents and the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

15 sep. 2017

Purifying the Realm: Buddhist Posters and Votive Cards from Tibet

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

3 maj 2011

Researching Religion: Methodological Debates in Anthropology and the Study of Religion

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør)

1 dec. 201020 okt. 2011

The 15th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies

Cameron David Warner (Deltager), & Harmandeep Kaur Gill (Arrangør)

9 jul. 2019

The Anthropology and Philosophy of Moral Experience

Cameron David Warner (Deltager)

20 sep. 2013

The Precious Lord: The History and Practice of the Jowo Śākyamuni of Lhasa, Tibet

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

26 apr. 2016

The Precious Relics Inaugural Workshop

Cameron David Warner (Arrangør), , Ulrik Høj Johnsen (Arrangør), & Ton Otto (Arrangør)

12 maj 201614 maj 2016

The Precious Relics of Tibet: Social values and the preservation of religious artifacts in Lhasa and Copenhagen

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

2 feb. 2017

Tibetan Buddhist Material Culture: Philosophical Perspectives

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

1 okt. 2009

Tibetan Theories of Materiality Apropos the Jowo Śākyamuni

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

3 feb. 2017

Universities Denmark (Ekstern organisation)

Cameron David Warner (Medlem)

1 nov. 2010 → …

Yale Himalayan Initiative

Cameron David Warner (Foredragsholder)

8 dec. 2015