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Bo Brummerstedt Iversen


Curriculum Vitae



B. Sc. (Chemistry and Physics), Aarhus University (AU)
1993M. Sc. (Crystallography), AU (incl. 1 year at SUNY Buffalo; Professor Philip Coppens)
1995Ph. D. (inorganic chemistry), AU (incl. 3 months at ANU, Canberra; Dr. Philip Reynolds)
2002Doctor of Science from Aarhus University

Doctor of Technology from DTU



1995-1996     Research Assistant Professor at Dep. of Chem., AU

Post doc at Dep. of Chem., UC Santa Barbara (Prof. Galen Stucky, Carlsberg Foundation Grant) 

1998-2000Assistant Professor at Dep. of Chem., AU
2000-2003Associate Professor at Dep. of Chem., AU
2001Visiting professor at UC Santa Barbara (6 months)
2004-Professor at Dep. of Chem., AU (Chair of Inorganic Chemistry)

Visiting professor at University of Western Australia (~1 month/year)

2015-International guest professor at University of Tsukuba, Japan (~3 weeks/year)

Guest professor Stanford University (4 months sabbatical)




Silver Medal of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

1999Scientia Europaea Prize of the French Academy of Science (250 kkr)

Rigmor and Carl Holst-Knudsen Science Prize (100 kkr)

2009Danish Natural Science Academy Industry Prize
2010Fellow of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters
2010Fellow of the Danish Natural Science Academy 
2011Fellow of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences
2011Elite Researcher Prize - Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (1200 kkr) 
2011Bjerrum-Brønsted-Lang Prize from the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters (25 kkr)
2014Grundfos Prize (1000 kkr)

First Class Order of Dannebrog by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (“Knighted”) 


Queen Margrethe II Science Prize (100 kkr) 



               Director of: 
2020- The Villum Center for Dynamical Crystallography
2019-The National ESS Lighthouse SMART to build up Danish expertise in synchrotron, neutron and X-FEL research
2017 The Aarhus University Center for Integrated Materials Research 
2010-2019The Danish National Research Foundation Center for Materials Crystallography

The Danish Strategic Research Council Center for Energy Materials

2014-2018The IFD Center for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion
 Member of:
2013-2016The ESS Scientific Advisory Council
2016The Board of the MAX4 synchrotron
 The Steering Committee of the DanMAX
2017The ESS STAP on Data Management and Scientific Computing
2004-The Academic Council of the Faculty of Science & Technology, AU 
2013The PhD Admission Committee at the Faculty of Science & Technology, AU 
2015-2017The Research Committee at the Faculty of Science and Technology, AU 
2008-2013The iNANO Ph. D. Committee 

Advisory boards on Energy and on Synchrotron/Neutron science for the Danish Ministry of Higher Education & Science


Chairman of: 


The ESS Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel on Diffraction

2004-2012The Commission on Charge, Spin and Momentum densities under European Crystallographic Association
2015-2017The Research Committee at Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University (2015 - 2017) 
 Board Member of:  
2001-2005The Danish Chemical Society
2004-The Danish Centre for Synchrotron and Neutron Scattering
2001-2011The Commission on Charge, Spin and Momentum densities under the International Union of Crystallography 
2013-2016The Danish Battery Society 
2008-2014The Department of Chemistry
 Member of:

Scientific evaluation committees at all levels (Professor, Director, Head of Department, Dean, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, post doc, PhD, MSc as well as entire Departments)

 Organizer of: 
 The Annual Danish Chemical Society Aarhus Winter Meeting (2005-)

The Danscatt School on synchrotron, neutron and XFEL (2018)

 Ad hoc referee for:

>30 major international journals (including all high impact journals), the European Commission,
the US National Science Foundation, 8 different National Research Councils, the Hasylab Beamtime review

 Leadership courses: 
  By Learn2Lead (6 days), DNRF (4 days), Villum Foundation (1 day)
Refereeing:  ~1 paper per week including from all high impact journals



My research interests revolve around topics in materials chemistry and materials crystallography with emphasis on application of synchrotron and neutron scattering methods.
They include synthesis, characterization and application of energy materials (thermoelectrics, ion batteries, solar energy, Fuel cells, electrocatalysis), chemical bonding, electron density analysis, nanoparticles, supercritical fluids, hydrothermal liquefaction (bio-oil).

  • ~510 peer reviewed publications, 7 patents, ~20 popular science articles (H ~66, Citations ~16000)
  • ~10 invited lectures per year at international conferences and universities (total of several hundreds)
  • Principal investigator on hundreds of beam time allocations at synchrotron and neutron sources
  • Principal investigator on grants totaling >500 mil. DKK since 2000
  • Intellectual responsible for IPR of the the start-up company TEGnology
  • Responsible supervisor on 51 post docs, 51 PhD degrees, 80 Master degrees, 82 bachelor degrees. Many of my students and post docs hold prominent positions in academia or industry providing a large and influential network. This includes 5 Full Professors, 10 Associate professors, 4 Assistant Professors, 8 Staff scientists and 50+ Scientists or Managers in Industry.
Lecturer and course responsible:
  • General Chemistry (5 or 10 ECTS, 200-400 students, fall semester 2003-2021)
  • Inorganic Materials Chemistry (10 ECTS, 50-100 students, fall semester 2003-2021)