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Bjarne Wahlgren

Teacher professionalisation in relation to retention strategies: do teacher training activities have any impact on drop-out rates in adult education?

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Teacher professionalization in relation to retention strategies

Bjarne Wahlgren, professor, director
National Centre of Competence Development, University of Aarhus, Denmark
The research project ‘New roles for the teacher’ was initiated due to a concern about the increasing number of dropouts within Danish VET.
The main research questions are: Is it possible to train teachers to be able to focus on the students’ completion of the program and not only on the subject matter? Do teachers change their attitudes and actual performance in the classroom after training programs? And do new pedagogical strategies have any impact on retention?
The project started in 2010 and includes annual interventions and measurements of the output of these inventions. The intervention includes various teacher training programs e.g. about training in cooperative learning, classroom management, conflict management, and training in analyses of the students’ preconditions and experiences.
The data collecting methods are comprehensive and include five data sets:
• A teacher survey (more than 500 informants) about the teachers’ perception of their own socio-pedagogical competencies and activities
• A student survey (more than 5000 informants) about the study environment
• Periodic interviews with the school leaders, the teachers and the students
• Written logs by school leaders and teachers.
• Registration of the students’ absence, drop-out and grades.
Interviews and written logs show that the teachers transform their learning outcome to action. In spite of that the impact on the study environment is modest. The rate of the student absence as well as the dropout rate has declined, however in a complicated way. The effect seems to differ among institutions with different cultures.
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StatusUdgivet - 2014

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