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Bergthora Kristjansdottir

Når klodserne falder på plads: Ordforråd ved tekstlæsning – elevernes reaktioner

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskrift/Konferencebidrag i tidsskrift /Bidrag til avisTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review

  • Thorhildur Oddsdóttir, Island
  • Brynhildur Ragnarsdóttir, Háskóli Íslands - Islands Universitet, Island
  • Vár i Olavsstovu, Færøernes Universitet, Færøerne
  • Eeva-Liisa Nyqvist, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Bergthora Kristjansdottir
When the bricks fall into place:
Vocabulary when reading text – students’ reactions
Materials for language learning are usually prepared with a specific
age group in mind, but less often based on competences within the
student group. This recalls what linguistic and cultural emphases
underlie the choice of texts intended for teaching. The article discusses the factors to consider when choosing texts for language
learning at levels A2–A2 + in the CEFR, which is the competence
that is set as a criterion in the national curricula for Danish /
Swedish for final year students in lower secondary school in Iceland
and Finland. CEFR is not used as a formal benchmark in Faroese
and Greenlandic curricula. The main objective of the study was to
examine whether a text marked with a specific level of the CEFR is
in line with national curricula and to examine the range of students’
vocabulary understanding. Participants in the study were 269 students in the final year of lower secondary school in Danish as a
second and foreign language in West Nordic schools, Swedish in
Finnish-speaking schools, and Danish for young asylum seekers in
Denmark. The research process is based on students’ self-assessment
of the vocabulary in a text, where students marked words with different colours depending on whether they thought they understood
the words, did not understand them at all or were in doubt about
their meaning. In addition, the level of the text was assessed by
regarding the frequency range of the vocabulary, sentence structure
and whether the content is relevant to the students’ experience. The
results show that Faroese and the Finnish students, who start studying Swedish in kindergarten, have skills at least one step above A2
+. Icelandic, Greenlandic and Finnish students, who receive traditional language instruction, show considerable distribution within
the A1–A2 + competence levels. The Danish group is entirely within the A1 level. The competence of students in the final year of compulsory school evidently covers a wide range of competence.
Learning materials need to address this diversity – from being very
simple to very challenging – but at the same time the material
needs to challenge the students, both in their experience and intellectual development.
Keywords: word comprehension / text comprehension, syntax, CEFR,
competence level, language learning / teaching
within the A1 level. The competence of students in the final year of
TidsskriftMilli Mála - Journal of Language and Culture
Sider (fra-til)40-82
Antal sider42
StatusUdgivet - dec. 2021


  • ordforrådsforståelse, CEFR, sprogniveauer, sprogundervisning

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