Axel Forman

  1. Gynecology: AKRENDO 1

    Forman, A.


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  2. Gynecology: Sacral Nerve stimulation for treatment of endometriosis-related pelvic pain

    Kracht, M., Forman, A. & Lundby, L.


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  3. Gynecology: Single-port approach for benign hysterectomy

    Nortvig, H., Raaby, V., Olesen, P. G., Byrjalsen, C., Forman, A. & Lauszus, F.


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  4. Gynecology: Endometrial Scratching for improvement of IVF outcome. Clinical outcome and basic mechanisms

    Olesen, M. S., Overgaard, M. T., Nyegaard, M., Agerholm, I. E. & Forman, A.


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