Aarhus Universitets segl

Andres Dobat


Curriculum Vitae

2000: Bachelor (BA) from the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, Aarhus University.

2002: Diplom Prähistoriker (equivalent to Master degree) from Christian-Albrechts-Universitet Kiel, for the thesis: The Schlei Fjord in the Viking Age. A maritime cultural landscape in the light of archaeological and onomastic sources.

2008: Ph.D. from the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, fro the thesis: Hedeby/Schleswig - a process of urbanisation and its context. Studies into socio-political structures in Early Medieval South Scandinavia (ca. 700-1000).

2007-2010: researcher at Moesgård Museum and Aarhus University.

2010 - 2013: assistant Professor (adjunkt) at AU (Institute for Culture and Society)

2013 -          associate Professor (lektor) at AU (Institute for Culture and Society)