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Annika Büchert Lindberg

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Annika Büchert Lindberg


  • Centre for Educational Development - CED - Undervisningsudvikling
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E-mail: annikabl@au.dk

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•After obtaining my PhD degree in biology in 1998, I have mainly focused on three areas: science teaching, project management and teaching and leaning.

•Science Teaching
I started teaching biology during my third year at the university. This changed my view on teaching from a student perspective to a teacher perspective. I valued students asking questions and engaging with the topic. After finalising my PhD I taught part time at the university as well as high school. At high school level the pedagogic considerations were more in focus compared to my previous teaching. This experience was very valuable during the development of curriculum and pedagogy at the MESAM (Master in Environmental Science and Management) program at Cantho University, Vietnam. In Vietnam active and cooperative learning were new concepts that teachers and students embraced enthusiastically. Working with biology in a developing country inspired me to the development of the “MSc course “Tropical Ecosystems, Management and Development” at Aarhus University for biology and anthropology students. This course was later incorporated into the Human Security master programme. Teaching international students in Vietnam, during the Human Security master programme, and during a short course in Malaysia challenged my pedagogic skills and the need for additional knowledge about learning goals, clear guidelines, progression and facilitation of project work.

•Management and organisation
As project manager for the CAULES (Cantho University – University of Aarhus Link in Environmental Science) project from 2001-2004 I quickly learned the procedures for development projects under Danida. In close collaboration with my local partners I had the responsibility for the daily management as well as project progress and financial reporting to the Danish Embassy. The project management skills from the CAULES as well as minor projects at Aarhus University led up to the project management of the International Biology Olympiad 2015. Running this project was challenging, a lot of hard work and a great experience. Being responsible for everything from the identity of the event, the budget, collaboration with stakeholders, the practical and theoretical biology tests and the detailed programme during the event required communication, organisation, overview and at times also quick decisions. The most enjoyable part of IBO2015 was to facilitate the ownership for the event among all the young volunteers. The engagement showed it value during the event when unforeseen problems arose. The final report illustrate all the careful planning and organisation that went into planning the event.

•Teaching and Learning
The interest in teaching and learning has steadily been growing since my first weekend course for instructors in the beginning of my teaching career. Being an instructor and a lecturer at the university gave me experience of the challenges university teachers are facing. Pedagogy was together with the curriculum development one of the main focus areas during the development of the Master programme in environment at Cantho University in Vietnam. The Vietnamese lecturers were equally engaged with the teaching methods as with the scientific content it self. The active learning approach was the cornerstone of the master course at Aarhus University combining natural resource management with insights into international development work. My interest in teaching led me to the shift from more administrative work to a position at Centre for Science Education. Here the focus has been to upgrade my pedagogic competences through collaborative teaching and development of course modules for PhD students and assistant professors. Besides active learning, alignment and e-learning my focus has the past years been focused on assessment and feedback both in-class and out-of-class as well as face-to-face and online.


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