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Annette Bohn

PhD, Lektor

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Curriculum Vitae



M.A. in German; Pennsylvania State University/ USA


University Degree for Teachers of German and English; Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel/ Germany


Government-certified teacher of German and English; Germany


Bachelor in Psychology; Aarhus University/ Denmark


M.Sc. in Psychology; Aarhus University/ Denmark


Ph.D. -student; Aarhus University/ Denmark

2008Ph.D. in Psychology, Aarhus University/ Denmark

Title of dissertation: Studies on the social and cultural characteristics og autobiographical memory and their development across the life span


Work Experience


Teaching Assistant for German as a Foreign Language; German Department, Pennsylvania State University

1986-1987             1991-1996

Instructor of German as a Foreign Language; Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel/ Germany


Instructor of German as a Foreign Language; Department of Foreign Languages, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama/ USA


Instructor of German, English, and Introductory Psychology; various schools and college-type educational institutions in Aarhus/ Denmark


Graduate Student Research Assistant (Cognitive Psychology); Department of Psychology, Aarhus University/ Denmark


PostDoc Stipend funded by the Danish Research Agencvy for Communication and Culture

2009-2012Assistant Professor in Cognitive Psychology, Department of Psychology, Aarhus University/Denmark

Associate Professor in Autobiographical Memory, Department of Psychology, Aarhus University/Denmark


Ad hoc reviewer for:

Applied Cognitive Psychology; Cognition and Emotion; Consciousness and Cognition; European Journal of Social Psychology; Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences; Learning and Individual Differences; Memory; Memory & Cognition; Memory Studies; Merril-Palmer Quarterly; Nordic Psychology; Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy

Selected publications

Ritchie, T. D., Batteson, T. J., Bohn, A., Crawford, M. T., Ferguson, G. V., Schrauf, R. W., Vogl, R. J., & Walker, W. R. (2015). A pancultural perspective on the fading affect bias in autobiographical memory. Memory, 23(2), 278-290.
Bohn, A. (2011). Normative ideas of life and autobiographical reasoning in life narratives. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, Spring (131), 19-30.

Research Areas

Autobiographical Memory
Life Story Development
Cultural Life Scripts
Positive and Negative Memories
Past and Future Mental Time Travel

Teaching Areas

Cognitive Psychology
Autobiographical Memory


AUFF Mobility Grant (86 000 Dkr)

Bohn, Annette (Modtager), 2017

Aarhus Universitets Forskningsfonds ph.d.-pris 2009 (50 000 kr.)

Bohn, Annette (Modtager), 27 maj 2009

AcademiaNet – Expert Database for Outstanding Female Academics

Bohn, Annette (Modtager), dec. 2017

Inge Lehmanns Legat af 1983 (103 000 Dkr)

Bohn, Annette (Modtager), 2017

Jens Chr. Skou Junior Fellowship

Bohn, Annette (Modtager), 1 aug. 2013

Research Stipend (2000 Euro)

Bohn, Annette (Modtager), 15 jan. 2011