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Annette Beedholm Rasmussen

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Annette Beedholm Rasmussen
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Project title: Analytical and Numerical Modelling of Reinforced Concrete including Tension-Stiffening Effects

Initially when designing reinforced concrete structures, focus is on the ultimate limit state (ULS), assuring the structure's strength by preventing failure from happening. Afterwards, the serviceability limit state (SLS) is investigated where stress limits as well as requirements concerning crack widths and deformations should be met. Due to the fact that stress levels and crack development are highly dependent on the reinforcement ratio and configuration, the choices made in the ULS concerning the design of the reinforcement have a high impact on the behaviour of structures in SLS.

The stiffness of a material with non-linear behaviour like reinforced concrete is closely associated with the level of crack development. Though, often, the material is assumed fully cracked or not cracked at all where the effect of tension-stiffening is disregarded. This can have consequences on the behaviour, for example in statically indeterminate structures where the static system in the elastic stage is dependent on the stiffness.

Tension-stiffening is an effect that causes the stiffness to be considerably larger than the one of a fully cracked member. The concrete between adjacent cracks is modelled to carry tensile stresses which are transferred from the reinforcement to the concrete by means of the bond.

The aim of this project is to establish the link between ULS and SLS through understanding of the actual physical behaviour. This will be described through analytical models based on concrete mechanics combined with principles of elastic energy. Advantage is taken of numerical modelling to support experimental results as well as to investigate relevance and reliable magnitudes of different material parameters concerning tension-stiffening.

Main supervisor: Prof. (Docent) Lars German Hagsten

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