Anne Sophie Grauslund

cand.scient.anth, Forsker, Ph.d.-studerende

Anne Sophie Grauslund


My PhD project investigates trust and citizen-state interactions in the Danish Welfare State by focusing on sundhedsplejerskers (children’s nurses’) work and their interaction with parents. It examines the relationship between trust, rationalities and authority in the interactions between parents and nurses and how they are influenced by the different roles the nurses fill in their job. My project explores how understandings of ‘the good parent’ and ‘the healthy child’ are negotiated and produced through different rationales such as the biomedical vs. Instinct and intuition, and how these negotiations and productions are influenced by being situated in female dominated field.

Themes: Citizen-State Interactions, Welfare States, Trust, Rationalities, Health Strategies , Family and Kinship, Welfare Workers, Upbringing, Power 

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