Anne Mette Lykke

PhD, Seniorforsker

Professional experience

Research on ethnobotany, sustainable use of plants, vegetation ecology, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, desertification and conservation. The research is focused in the tropics, mainly Africa, and has an applied and multidisciplinary approach

Application of research results for establishing natural resource management, community-based rural development, agroforestry and carbon forestry

Project leader on research and capacity development projects in West Africa (Danida, EU-FP6, EU-FP7)

Capacity building at universities in West Africa including establishment of research facilities, development of courses and improvement of staff curricula

Supervision of Danish and African PhD and master students and application for PhD funding. Application management and/or co-supervision of over 50 PhD students in West Africa

Consultancy regarding biodiversity conservation in West Africa

Teaching and development of new university courses in Denmark and Africa and evaluation of master programs