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Anna Le Gerstrøm Rode

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Postdoc

Anna Gerstrøm


I am motivated by the grand challenges that define the wealth and wellbeing of contemporary and future generations as well as potential solutions and contributions to a better world. 

I am interested in major disruptions like the global financial crisis, the invasion of Ukraine and the climate changes as well as the consequences, experiences and responses to such disruptions.   

I am fascinated by United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and attentive to the European Commission’s Corporate Sustainable Responsibility Directive requiring companies to report on the social and environmental consequences of their businesses pushing the agenda towards a triple bottom line.  


Theoretically, I research within the area of organizational theory focusing on projects and project management including constructive and conclusive evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness and definitions of success and failure.

Empirically, I investigate a large number of projects including their contexts and characteristics and management practices in a variety of organizational settings.

Methodologically, I partake in an engaged scholarship study based on a variety of mixed methods and draw on pragmatism and social constructivism.


Empirically, my PhD took point of departure in the financial crisis that marked the beginning of the 21st century. In specific, I investigated members of the financial industry and focused on their personal and professional experiences and strategies during the crisis.

Methodologically, my PhD relied on an inductive approach based on qualitative data generation and analysis methods. In specific, I conducted interviews with members of the financial industry narrating their local stories of the global crisis.

Theoretically, my PhD applied an interpretive paradigm and centered on institutional legitimacy and organizational identity and death. In specific, I explored concepts relating to sensemaking, stigma and emotions.

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