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Anette Vandsø

ph.d., Lektor

Anette Vandsø

As part of the Danish Council for Independent Research's Sapere Aude Elite -program (2012-) I am currently concucting the large research project THE GARDEN : AESTHETIC RECONFIGURATIONS OF NATURE in collaboration with ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum.Under the impression of the Anthropocene thesis and climate change I examine our relation to nature, and how the ways in which we haven given shape to nature in art, gardens and food have expressed who 'we' are - our worldviews and self perceptions.

I am still in the afterrun of my last large research project A World in Sound on audio culture, sound art, the sonic anthropocene, sound and cultural memory. Currently I am working with podcast at museums.

My research takes placewithin the Nordic Network for Resreach on Sound Art, which I initiated in 2013, Center for Sound Studies (AU), the research program in Environmental Humanities (AU) and I am loosely affiliated with AURA (AU).

I have taught courses at Aarhus University since 2003 covering a broad range of disciplines within Aesthetic, Cultural and media theory as well as musicology and sound studies.

Curious to learn more about my research ? See/listen to these selected appearances in Danish national media

 Special issue of Deadline, Danish National Radio on new music:

 Romerriget Radio 24/7 on Sound 

Rifbjergs Liste, Radio 24/7


CONTACT: Phone 23234068

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