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Andrés Villa-Henriksen


Andrés Villa-Henriksen
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Nysgerrig af natur, beskriver mig godt, da jeg nyder at lære og forstå mange forskellige emner. Jeg er åbensindet, analytisk og struktureret, som hjælper mig i projektplanlægning og -styring, og i at analysere, behandle og fortolke data. Derudover har jeg færdigheder inden for agronomi og inden for ingeniørvidenskab metodeudvikling og optimering.



Project title:  In-field traffic intensity reduction as a means to increase yield quantity and quality

The overall objective of this project is to study the site-specific relations between yield quantity and quality, and in-field traffic intensity. This information will be used to reduce the negative effects on soil of traffic intensity by in-field optimised route planning.

The forthcoming implementation of IoT applied to farming will allow access to large amounts of data. This site-specific data can be used to relate yield data to the increasing problem of soil degradation induced by in-field trafficking. Therefore, this can now be achieved without the need of the traditional time-consuming data sampling throughout a field.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Investigate the state of the art of farm machine inter-operability and its potential use in vehicle logistics, documentation and traffic intensity reduction with the goal of increasing crop yields.
  • Research the relation between traffic intensity and yield quantity and quality by the use of site-specific data.
  • Evaluate how route planning and vehicle logistics can be used to reduce in-field traffic intensity, and consequently avoid yield decrease due to soil compaction problems.

Main supervisor: Senior Researcher Claus Grøn Sørensen

Co-supervisor: Gareth Edwards and Ole Green, AgroIntelli

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