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Andreas Nielsen Hald

Cand. scient. soc., Ph.d.-studerende, Ekstern VIP

Andreas Nielsen Hald

I received my MSc in Sociology from Aalborg University in 2019. In August 2020, I started as a PhD student at the Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, where I am a part of the research unit ‘Organisation in Public Health’. My main supervisors are Viola Burau and Ulrika Enemark.

The backdrop to my PhD project is the increased outsourcing of healthcare services to Danish municipalities, which has contributed to a highly specialised but also fragmented municipal healthcare system in Denmark. This has increased the need for different groups of professionals such as e.g. social and health workers, nurses and physiotherapists to find their own foothold in a joint interprofessional collaboration. And the success of this interprofessional collaboration is very often conditional on the conditions under which the employees work.

In my PhD project, I use a mixed-method methodology to examine how different types of conditions (program specific conditions and context specific conditions) affect interprofessional collaboration in Care Pathway Programs in two Danish municipalities. The project has the following aims:

  • Theoretically, to develop an analytical framework to study the relationships and effects of conditions for interprofessional collaboration in integrated care. Additionally, to develop a conceptual understanding of interprofessional agency in relation to these conditions.
  • Empirically, to analyse the relationships between different types of conditions for interprofessional collaboration and how they affect outcome-measures for interprofessional collaboration in integrated care. Further, to analyse how interprofessional agency mediates these effects based on case studies of health professional practices.
  • Practically, to develop a diagnostic tool that can identify which key conditions best facilitate well-functioning practices of interprofessional collaboration in integrated care.


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