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Andreas Højlund

PhD, Adjunkt

Profile photoAndreas Højlund, ph.d., postdoc
(tidligere: AH Nielsen)

Center for Funktionelt Integrativ Neurovidenskab
Nørrebrogade 44, DNC-10G, 5.
8000, Aarhus C

E-mail: linahn@clin.au.dk


Institut for Klinisk Medicin - Center for Funktionelt Integrativ Neurovidenskab
Aarhus Universitet
Aarhus C, Danmark
15 maj 2015 → nu

Videnskabelig assistent
Institut for Klinisk Medicin - Neurologisk afdeling F, NBG
Aarhus Universitetshospital
Aarhus C, Danmark
1 feb. 2015 → 14 maj. 2015
Videnskabelig assistent
Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Center for Interacting Minds (IMC)
Aarhus Universitet
Aarhus C, Danmark
15 feb. 2014 → 31 dec. 2014
Institut for Kommunikation og Kultur - Lingvistik
Aarhus Universitet
Aarhus C, Danmark
1 feb. 2010 → 14 feb. 2014


Context and perceptual asymmetry effects on the mismatch negativity (MMNm) to speech sounds: an MEG study

Højlund, A., Gebauer, L., McGregor, W. B. & Wallentin, M., 28 jan. 2019, I: Language, Cognition and Neuroscience.

Task-free auditory EEG paradigm for probing multiple levels of speech processing in the brain

Gansonre, C., Højlund, A., Leminen, A., Bailey, C. & Shtyrov, Y., 2018, I: Psychophysiology. 55, 11, 18 s., e13216.

Visually induced gains in pitch discrimination: Linking audio-visual processing with auditory abilities

Møller, C., Højlund, A., Bærentsen, K. B., Hansen, N. C., Skewes, J. C. & Vuust, P., maj 2018, I: Attention, Perception & Psychophysics. 80, 4, s. 999-1010 12 s.

Differentiated effects of deep brain stimulation and medication on somatosensory processing in Parkinson's disease

Sridharan, K. S., Højlund, A., Johnsen, E. L., Sunde, N., Johansen, L. G., Beniczky, S. & Østergaard, K., jul. 2017, I: Clinical neurophysiology : official journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology. 128, 7, s. 1327-1336 10 s.

Worsening of Verbal Fluency After Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease: A Focused Review

Højlund, A., Petersen, M. V., Sridharan, K. S. & Østergaard, K., 27 nov. 2016, I: Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal. 15, s. 68-74

EP 58. Corticomuscular coherence during isotonic contractions with DBS and medication in PD patients

Sridharan, K. S., Nielsen, A. H., Johnsen, E. L., Sunde, N., Beniczky, S. & Østergaard, K., 1 sep. 2016, I: Clinical Neurophysiology. 127, 9, s. e198-e199

Intensive foreign language learning reveals effects on categorical perception of sibilant voicing after only 3 weeks

Nielsen, A. H., Horn, N. T., Derdau Sørensen, S., Mcgregor, W. & Wallentin, M., 9 dec. 2015, I: i-Perception. 6, 6, s. 1-26 26 s.

The influence of context on word order processing - an fMRI study

Kristensen, L. B., Engberg-Pedersen, E., Nielsen, A. H. & Wallentin, M., 2013, I: Journal of Neurolinguistics. 26, 1, s. 73-88 14 s.

Action speaks louder than words: Empathy mainly modulates emotions from theory of mind-laden parts of a story

Wallentin, M., Simonsen, A. & Nielsen, A. H., 2013, I: Scientific Study of Literature. 3, 1, s. 137-153

Amygdala and heart rate variability responses from listening to emotionally intense parts of a story

Wallentin, M., Nielsen, A. H., Vuust, P., Dohn, A., Roepstorff, A. & Lund, T. E., 2011, I: NeuroImage. 58, 3, s. 963-973 11 s.

BOLD response to motion verbs in left posterior middle temporal gyrus during story comprehension

Wallentin, M., Nielsen, A. H., Vuust, P., Roepstorff, A., Dohn, A. & Lund, T. E., 2011, I: Brain and Language. 119, s. 221-225

Eye movement suppression interferes with construction of object-centered spatial reference frames in working memory

Wallentin, M., Kristensen, L. B., Olsen, J. H. & Nielsen, A. H., 2011, I: Brain and Cognition. 77, s. 432-437

The Musical Ear Test, a new reliable test for measuring musical competence

Wallentin, M., Nielsen, A. H., Friis-Olivarius, M., Vuust, C. & Vuust, P., 2010, I: Learning and Individual Differences. 20, s. 188-196

Yderligere information


2016-17: (Del af) BSc: 'Introduktion til EEG-forskning' [Kognitionsvidenskab, AU].

2011: BA: 'Dansk grammatik' [Lingvistik, AU].

2010: BA: 'Sprog, kognition og hjerne' (m/ Bill McGregor) [Lingvistik, AU].

2010-11: Vejledningsforløb til BA-projektet [Lingvistik, AU].

2008-09: Instruktor for BA-faget 'Ordstrukturer og sætningskonstruktioner' (Jan Rijkhoff) [Lingvistik, AU].