Aarhus Universitets segl

Anders Peter S. Adamsen



M.Sc. in microbial ecology, Aarhus University, 1992
Research Management Course, Copenhagen Business School, 2009 - 2010

Present and previous occupation

now - 2020Senior Scientist, Aarhus University, Dept. of Engineering, Air Quality Engineering
2020 - 2018Self-employed adviser, Apsa (R&D in chemical and environmental engineering)
2018 - 2016Chief Scientist, Environmental technology, SEGES, Pig Research Centre
2016 - 2014Coordinator of the department's public sector consultancies. Senior scientist in the Air Quality Eng. research group. Dept. of Engineering, Aarhus University
2014 - 2013Founder and head of biorefinery research groups, Aarhus University, Dept of Engineering.
2013 - 2008Head of Air Quality Eng. & Manure Technology and Biogas research groups, Aarhus University, Dept. of Engineering (from 2008 to 2011 Dept. of Biosystems Engineering)
2008 - 2007Senior scientist, Aarhus University, Dept. Agroecology & Environment
2007 - 2003Director and founder, LugtTek A/S. R&D company in analysis and abatement of odour
2003 - 1997Self-employed consultant, Apsa (R&D in chemical and environmental engineering)
1997 - 1995Project Manager, Hedeselskabet, Division of Environment and Energy (now Orbicon)
1995 - 1993Research microbiologist, Bio-Ethanol A/S
1992 - 1992Research assistant, Aalborg Uni, and high school teacher (Dronninglund Gymnasium)
1979 - 1984Various practical jobs in agriculture, aquaculture and forestry


Extensive experiences with research management and various R&D projects.

Research activities and interest

Development of technologies to reduce gaseous emissions from livestock and industrial production. Characterisation of odour and VOC by e.g. GC, GC/MS and online MS (Proton-Transfer-Reaction MS).


Have supervised or co-supervised > 10 students on master and PhD levels. Development of courses on bioenergy and biorefining on master levels.

Stay abroad

Field work in northern Canada and Maine summer 1991 and summer 1992.
Research Scientist at USDA-ARS Russell Research Center, Athens, Georgia, USA July - December 2000.


Initiated several R&D projects as well as demonstrations projects from Innovation Fund Denmark, GUDP, ForskEl, EUDP et cetera. Most recent examples are BioValue SPIR project 2, AU Biobase - pilot plant for extraction of protein from green biomass, EUDP Methanation pilot plant with Topsøe A/S, GUDP Bioforsuring, and EUDP with Dantherm Powers.

Committees etc.

Appointed external examiner in chemical engineering on university levels.
Appointed external examiner in chemical engineering on college level.