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Head of Department and Professor
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Anders Frederiksen is professor in business economics and econometrics at Aarhus University (AU), Denmark. He has served as Head of Department at Department of Business Development and Technology (AU) since 2015, and is the Director of Center for Corporate Performance (domiciled at Copenhagen Business School).

Anders Frederiksen obtained his PhD in economics from AU. During his PhD studies, he was Leschly Fellow at the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton University. Subsequently he earned a Marie Currie Fellowship at Stanford University and became W. Glen Campbell & Rita Ricardo Campbell National Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Anders Frederiksen’s main research area is personnel economics and more broadly labor economics. The purpose of this research is to understand the internal workings of companies including incentive structures, career development and performance management. His work has been published in top economics journals such as Journal of Political Economy; Review of Economic Studies; the Economic Journal; Journal of Labor Economics; Journal of Econometrics; Journal of Law, Economics and Organization; Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; and Labour Economics. For academic excellence he has received the Tuborg and Tietgen prices.

Anders Frederiksen has been generously funded by the Danish Research Council, The European Commission, The Foundation for Danish Industries and private companies to conduct research within personnel economics and to run Center for Corporate Performance.


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Current positions

2012 - Professor in Econometrics and Business Economics
2015 - Head of Department
2013 - Director, Center for Corporate Performance (CCP)

Academic qualifications

2005 PhD, Aarhus University
2003 – 2004 Visiting graduate student, Industrial Relations Section (IRS), Princeton University
2001 Visiting graduate student, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Bonn
2001 MSc in Economics and Econometrics, University of Southampton
2000 BA in Economics, University of Aarhus

Professional experience

2015 EU expert (Evaluator), FP7 & Horizon2020 2013 EU expert (Rapporteur), FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF-IIF-IOF 2009 - 2012 Associate Professor in Business Performance Management (tenured) 2011 EU expert (Rapporteur), FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF-IIF-IOF 2006 – 2009 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Researcher, Aarhus and Stanford University 2002 – 2005 Graduate Student, Aarhus University

Teaching experience

Statistics/Econometrics, Undergraduate/Master’s Program
HR analytics, Master’s Program
Personnel Economics, Master’s Program
Labour Economics, Undergraduate/Master’s Program
Supervision: Phd, Master’s and Bachelor’s levels


2008 Tietgenprisen
2005 – 2007 W. Glen Campbell & Rita Ricardo Campbell National Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
2003 – 2004 Leschly Fellowship, Princeton University
2001 Tuborgprisen

External Funding

2019 - 2021 Danish Research Council (FSE) Research Grant 8019-00067B, DKK 1.181 mill
2014 – 2015 The Danish Industry Foundation, DKK 2.2 mill.
2012 – 2016 BSS arktiskeforskningsmidler, DKK 5 mill. (co-inv. and grant administrator)
2012 Carlsbergfonden, DKK 150,000 (co-investigator)
2008 – 2009 Nordic Tax Research Council, DKK 100,000
2008 – 2010 Danish Research Council (FSE) Research Grant 275-08-0046, DKK 1.125 mill
2007 – 2009 British Academy Research Grant (co-investigator), R15058
2006 – 2009 Marie Curie Outgoing Postdoctoral Fellowship, The EU Commission
2005 Danish Research Council Post Doctoral Scholarship