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Ahmad Madary

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Ahmad Madary
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phone number +4571312908

Academic profile

I have received the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and the M.S. degree in mechanical engineering-applied design from Iran University of science and technology and Shiraz University in 2009 and 2013, respectively. Since 2014, I have been Ph.D candidate in electrical engineering-Control theory at Trabiat Modares University of Iran. I was also a visiting researcher at computer science department of Aalborg University from November 2018 for 8 months. My area of interest includes Robotics (Parallel and Serial Robotic Manipulators), Modeling, Control and safety of Dynamical Systems, System Identification, Mechatronics; Hybrid systems; Embedded Controllers and Micro-controllers


Laboratory functions:

·         Instrumentation of machines

·         Research and laboratory instruction activities

·         Modeling, instrumentation, simulation, design, control and accuracy prediction of experimental mechanical systems

·         Laboratory activities related to research and research based teaching activities in mechanical engineering

·         Running experiments and data acquisition

·         Design and build mechanical systems and control units for research and teaching activities

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