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Adriana del Palacio Gonzalez

Ph. D., Lektor

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Adriana del Palacio Gonzalez


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Curriculum Vitae


2007 – 2014            Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada

                               Supervisor: Dr. David A. Clark

2001 – 2006            Bachelor’s in Psychology (Honours)(Honourable Mention), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM; NationalUniversity of Mexico)

                               Supervisor: Dr. Laura Hernandez-Guzman


Juni 2019 -                Adjunkt, Center for Rusmiddelforskning, Aarhus Universitet

Oct 2014 - Mai 2019  Postdoctoral Researcher, Center on Autobiographical Memory Research, Psychology Department, AU, Denmark.

2013-2014                Clinical Psychology Resident, Kingston Internship Consortium, Ontario, Canada

2012-2013                Part-time Lecturer, Psychology Department, University of New Brunswick,Canada

2008-2012                Part-time Research Assistant, Psuchology Department, University of New Brunswick, Canada


Teaching Areas

Clinical psychology


Clinical Training and Work Experience

2013/2014     Predoctoral Clinical Residency - Kingston Internship Consortium, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Resident). Primary activities and population: Cognitive Assessment, Counseling and Therapy, Consultation; adults, seniors, adolescents.

2013             McDonnell, Cartwright, and Associates (Practium/Clinical Assisstant). Primary activities and population: Psychoeducational assessment, therapy; children and adolescents.

2012             Psychiatric Unit, Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, Fredericton, Canada (practicum). Primary activities and population: Brief therapy for severe pscyhopathology, diagnostic assessment; adults.

2011             UNB Counseling Services, Fredericton, Canada (practicum)Primary activities and population: Therapy and counseling for anxiety, depression, personality disorders; university students.

2010             Community Mental Health Center, Saint John, Canada (practicum).        Primary activities and population: Therapy for anxiety, depression, self-injury, assessment of cognitive impairment; adolescents.

2009             Stan Cassidy Rehabilition Center, Fredericton, Canada (practicum).Primary activities and population: Neuropsychological Testing, Rehab Counseling; adults.



Spanish - First language

English - Fluent

Italian and Danish - Intermediate

German and  French - Basic