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Marie Maar

Ph.D., Professor MSO

Marie Maar
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Marine Ecosystems – Mechanistic ecological modelling – Biogeochemistry – Food Webs – Productivity – Eutrophication – Aquaculture – Wind Farms – Climate Change – Mussel fishery and cultures- Nature-based Solutions  – North Sea – Baltic Sea  Danish coastal and open waters – Arctic – FlexSem model system

My research is addressing the urgent challenge of understanding how marine ecosystems respond to the increasing cumulative human impacts (e.g. eutrophication, fishery) and climate change in order to protect marine biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and marine resources. I have contributed to the advancement of marine ecosystem modelling by improving descriptions of nutrient cycling, food-web trophic cascades, species growth responses to changing environmental conditions (salinity, food, temperature) and their spatio-temporal distributions based on new evidence, as well as how marine measures can be applied to mitigate the impacts. I have published 55 peer-reviewed papers (H-index=23, WoS August 2020). I have extensive project management experience through leading roles in a number of EU- and national funded projects and from being a chair of the ICES working group on integrated modelling approaches (WGIPEM, 100 members). 

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