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Christoffer Karoff

Lektor, Lektor, VILLUM Young Investigator

Christoffer Karoff

I am teaching in:

  • The second year course Stars and Planets
  • The second year course Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics
  • The master and PhD course Renewable energy 
  • A study group on Machine Learning


My research profile is highly interdisciplinary crossing boarders between Astronomy, Geoscience and Space Science.

I am leading a large international network, called Solar Connections, that brings together solar physicists, geophysicists and climate modellers in order to increase our understanding of how the Sun influence the Earth. I am also one of the driving forces in setting up an interdisciplinary collaboration between people working with space science at Aarhus University - including people from Department of Physics and Astronomy, Department of Geoscience, Department of Bioscience and Department of Engineering.

Present students: Alexandra Fogtmann-Schulz (PhD), Sabrina Gjødvad Kaiser Kudsk (PhD), Kasper Toft Madsen (Master), Mathias Busk Dahl (Master), Frederik Alexander Falk (Bachelor)

Former students: Fadil Inceoglu (PhD), Kym Goss (PhD), Tiago Campante (PhD), Carsten Sønderskov Jørgensen (Master), Kasper Zøller (Master), Sofie Abildgaard (Master), Martin Bo Nielsen (Master), Lasse Nybro Nielsen (Master),  Eva Bendix Nielsen (Master), Nicholas Jannsen (Master), Peter Kongstad (Master), Helle Bisgaard Sørensen (Bachelor), Kasper Toft Madsen (Bachelor), Peter Kongstad (Bachelor), Jedrzej Artur Jawor (Bachelor), Gustav Pallisgaard-Olesen (Bachelor), Janne Mønster (Bachelor), Simon Banerjee (Bachelor), Elham Amiri (Bachelor), Kristiane Kristensen (Bachelor), Line Harfeld (Bachelor), Esben Lundsgaard Palmstrøm (Bachelor) and Nikolaj Pependick Gregersen (Bachelor)


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