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Jesper Wiborg Schneider


Jesper Wiborg Schneider



I am a “meta-researcher” specializing in quantitative studies of science, research evaluation, sociology of science, research integrity and statistics. I do “research on research”, study its practices, norms, methods, reporting, reproducibility, evaluation, and incentives.  The objective is to understand and improve how we perform, communicate, verify, evaluate, and reward research. I have a long standing interest in the ritualistic use of 'null hypothesis significance testing' - the main culprit behind decades of pathological knowledge production in the soft sciences! 

My specific research interests are focused on:

  • journals and their role in the scientific communication network
  • measuring interdisciplinarity
  • publication behaviour
  • scientometric indicators
  • perceptions of research quality
  • performance-based national research funding systems
  • relations between funding and performance
  • gender issues in research performance
  • relations between science policy and citation impact
  • quantifying uncertainty in scientometric indicators
  • problems related to statistical significance tests and statistical models
  • reforms of statistical practice
  • Bayesian statistics
  • research integrity
  • questionable research practices, their prevalence and causes


My Google Scholar profile https://scholar.google.dk/citations?user=rlZGQaUAAAAJ&hl=da

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