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A.S. Dobat
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Research interests:

I am working with both classic archaeological themes (primarily within the North European Iron Age and Early Medieval Period) and with questions relating to archaeological heritage management.

Archaeology: My primary research interest within archaeology is the European societies in the first millennium AD and the beginning of the Medieval Period. With my work, I try to paint a picture of the interplay and development of ideological, economic, military and political aspects of society. Since 2003 I have been working on the Viking Period settlement site Füsing, close to Hedeby and Schleswig in North Germany. Currently, I am preparing the data from the recent excavations for publication.

Heritage: A passion of mine is the contribution of non-professionals in archaeology and public engagement with cultural heritage – in particularly metal detectorists. Together with colleagues from a number of Danish Museum and the Danish Agency for culture, I am currently working on the development and implementation of a user-driven online recording scheme for Danish metal detector finds – Digitale Detektorfund (DIME).

You can download most of my publications here: https://au.academia.edu/ADobat



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