Optimisation of Engineering Processes Using Numerical Approaches



This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the theories and solutions of various optimisation methods used in the fields of engineering, technology, innovation and business development. The objective of the course will be achieved through lectures based on textbooks and/or didactic material handed out in class, excises solved in groups or on the whiteboard, as well as two mandatory exercises plus a final project. The overall aim of the course is to enable students to solve optimisation problems using the following four-step process:

- Analyse a given problem.
- Setting up a formal model that describes the problem.
- Analyse the formal model of the problem and solve it.
- Translate the formal solution into a solution to problem.
The course is application-oriented, and emphasis is on methodology and the underlying mathematical structures.
Kursus periode01/02/202428/06/2024
Kursus niveauKandidat niveau