The purpose of the course is to enable students to analyse digital communication in order to explain and understand the role of digital technologies in communication in different contexts, and the role of communication on different digital platforms.
The course introduces selected theories about communication and digital communication, including the history of digital media. The course also introduces methods for analysing digital communication. The students learn to use methods to study and analyse digital communication, focusing on the role the medium plays for communication. During the course, the students practice their skills in applying theories and methods to specific cases.
The course is relevant for the following other courses on the degree programme: IT, Humans and Society by focusing on digital IT-based communication, Digital Methods, as the course provides background knowledge on digital communication as well as different approaches to the study of the field. The course is relevant for students who wish to work with digital communication and platforms.
Kursus periode01/09/202131/01/2022
Kursus niveauBachelor niveau