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Were donkeys the original ships of the desert?



Feb. 10th Weekend issue of The National news paper article. by Daniel Bardsley. Featuring joint Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus University, and King Saud University research on newly discovered ancient traderoutes across the Arabian Desert.   



TitelWere donkeys the original ships of the desert?
Grad af anerkendelseRegional
Mediets navn/udløbThe National UAE
Varighed/længde/størrelse6 sider.
Land/OmrådeUnited Arab Emirates
BeskrivelseArchaeologists suggest donkey caravans enabled Bronze Age traders from the Dilmun civilisation in and around Bahrain to reach Wadi Al Faw, 1,000km away - and not a camel in sight.
Fascinating new evidence about life on the Arabian peninsula four millennia ago suggests that
people may have undertaken lengthy journeys across the desert even without camels.
Archaeologists believe that donkeys may have supported the crossing of the Empty Quarter between the Dilmun civilisation on the Arabian Gulf coast and Wadi Al Faw, 1,000km to the southwest. If members of the Dilmun civilisation did undertake these arduous trips during the Bronze Age, it may have been to trade incense with inland communities. Dr Steffen Laursen, of Moesgaard Museum at Aarhus University in Denmark, the first author of a new study on the period, said it was not certain how the people travelled without camels, but they were likely to have used donkeys.
Producer/forfatterDaniel Bardsley
PersonerSteffen Terp Laursen
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