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Video about the TBMI Challenge at the Biogas 2020 Conference in Skive 6.- 9. November 2017



Information video about the TBMI Challnge at the Biogas 2020 Conference in Skive, Denmark.

Master’s degree students from the universities in the Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden were invited to participate in a three-day BMI challenge in relation to the Biogas 2020 conference. During the conference the students worked together with three Nordic businesses represented by Thise Dairy (Denmark), VEAS Biogas Norway and Smögenlax (Sweden). The students worked with different business cases according to the Business Model Innovation Concept by (Lindgren & Rasmussen, 2013).

From the 7th to 9th of November all three groups worked in a Business Model Cube during the challenge where the three teams were observed by 360 degrees video cameras placed on the table in each cube, to observe how the students worked and how the coaches supported til students in there workprocess with the BMI tools.



TitelVideo from the TBMI Challenge at Biogas 2020 conference in Skive
Mediets navn/udløbVIMEO
Varighed/længde/størrelse2:21 min.
PersonerPeter Lindgren, Anders Frederiksen, Mirko Presser, Jacob Steendahl Nielsen
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