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SAP Vlog: Julia Hautz on "Open strategy: Dimensions, dilemmas, dynamics"



Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/7Td_PEo-jKo 

In this SAP Vlog, Madalina Pop (Aarhus University) and Anna Plotnikova (University of Leeds) speaks with Julia Hautz (University of Innsbruck) about her and colleagues paper “Open Strategy: Dimensions, Dilemmas, Dynamics”. The interview includes topics such as:

  • How did the author come to study open strategy and why it is an important topic for research? 
  • Are 5 identified dilemmas interconnected? And in which context some of the dilemmas are more prominent than others?   
  • Are there any cultural differences in the implementation of open strategizing?
  • What is methodological advice on studying open strategy going forward?
  • How the author sees the development of open strategy field and what are the most important future research questions?



TitelSAP Vlog: Julia Hautz on "Open strategy: Dimensions, dilemmas, dynamics"
PersonerMadalina Pop
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