Jussi Parikka in conversation with Ricky Ruihong Li and Isabelle A. Tan



Jussi Parikka is a scholar of media studies and a prolific writer. His publications include A Geology of Media (2015), What is Media Archaeology? (2012), Insect Media (2010), and Digital Contagions (2007), among others. Parikka is also a professor of digital aesthetics and culture at Aarhus University and a visiting professor at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.

In 2022, he co-curated “Weather Engines” at Onassis Stegi and the National Observatory of Athens (Thissio) and co-edited Words of Weather: A Glossary (2022) with Daphne Dragona. The exhibition, program of talks, performances, and workshops offered contemporary terms for experiencing the politics and aesthetics of weather. Inspired by this environmental dive, our conversation with Parikka covered a wide range of topics—media archaeology, cultural techniques, operational images, aesthetics, slow violence, and more—that still only grazed the breadth of his practice. This interview was conducted in August 2022.

Periode17 dec. 2022