Fitness Mind Games to Boost Your Workout


Go play! Structuring your workouts to resemble games can make them more fun, intense, and easier to stick with, suggests new research from Denmark. Just thinking about something—work, exercise, chores—as a game is often enough to “flip a switch” in your head that pumps up your enthusiasm and enjoyment, says study coauthor Andreas Lieberoth, Ph.D., of Aarhus University. We tapped Lieberoth and his colleague, Torben Tambo, to come up with four ways to game-ify your workout routines (and if you're looking for some structure, these 15 Innovative Fitness Classes are sure to keep you motivated, laughing, and burning tons of calories!).



TitelFitness Mind Games to Boost Your Workout
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Producer/forfatterMarkham Reid
PersonerTorben Tambo
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