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Comments on "Spontaneous beat synchronization in rats: Neural dynamics and motor entrainment (Ito et al., 2022)" by Aylin Woodward



Responses  to the questions of the Science Reporter:
1) What, in your opinion, is the main takeaway from this study? What is new among the findings that cognitive scientists, musicologists, animal behaviorists, etc. didn't know before?
2) Why are the findings important to readers? Like, do they reveal that humans aren't the only species that enjoys music (I thought we already knew that), or is it that rats can and do move to a musical beat in a manner akin to humans and that both species indicate a preference for the same tempos?
3) In the simplest terms, what is the neural aspect at play here -- like I don't quite understand brain entrainment vs. synchronization vs. beat perception they're discussing?
4) Do you have any issues with the study? What are your thoughts about the paper?


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