Bureaucracy. A Documentary About Why You Hate Your Life.




  • Bureaucracy. A Documentary About Why You Hate Your Life.

    Alexis Hatto, 37:09


TitelBureaucracy. A Documentary About Why You Hate Your Life.
Grad af anerkendelseInternational
BeskrivelseStuck in a paperwork nightmare? Richard Cole, Assistant Professor in the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University, is a medieval historian with a special interest in the theory and origins of bureaucracy. Even if you don't (yet) hate your life right now, join Richard on a journey through time and the workplace, back to an era before bureaucracy, capitalism and socialism, when Vikings roamed the land and seas. With insights of thinkers from Karl Marx to Hannah Arendt, Richard will chart the development of the bureaucratic mindset, and ask whether or not we'd be better off without it.

Funded by Aarhus University Research Foundation. Co-produced by Richard Cole and Alexis Hatto. Written and presented by Richard Cole. Directed, recorded and edited by Alexis Hatto. Casting by Amelia Herridge-Ishak
Producer/forfatterAlexis Hatto
PersonerRichard Cole, Alexis Hatto
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