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Birte Boelt


Birte Boelt
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Birte Boelt heads the team “Seed Science and Technology” dealing with crop production in cereals and seed crops. I am trained in crop science (herbage seed production) and plant physiology (carbohydrate metabolism), and my area of research is management of seed crops to improve seed yield and quality.

Tutoring master and PhD-students (in total seven) and currently one PhD-student and two Post Docs.

Teaching: Course responsible for a 10 ETCS course (master’s degree programme).



Advanced Technology Foundation:

SpectraSeed, project leader (total budget 14.5 mill. DKK)


Green Development and Demonstration Projects (GUDP)

’Rodbeskyttet græs’, project leader (total budget 4.701.252 kr DKK)

‘Græsmarksbælgplanter – en ny eksportsucces’, project leader (total budget 4.584.000 DKK)

’3030 i 2020 – mere græsfrø med relativt mindre input’, project leader of activities in Aarhus University (total budget 25.843.967 DKK)

’En ny spinatfrø succes’, project leader of activities in Aarhus University (total budget 7.113.666 DKK)



Research council of Technology and Production:

Fructan - a key factor in abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants, project leader, one post doc (total budget 4.8 mill. DKK)

Endophytes in wheat, supervisor of one post doc (total budget 4.9 mill. DKK)


Innovation projects, The Directorate for Food, Fisheries and Agri Business:

  • Forbedret konkurrenceevne for frøsektoren – højere frøudbytter i almindelig rajgræs og strandsvingel, 2009-2013, project leader (total budget 5.2 mill. DKK)
  • Produktudvikling – grønsagsfrø til babyleaf production, 2009-2013, project leader (total budget 3.1 mill DKK)
  • Amenity grass – development of management strategies in red fescue golf greens with optimum playing quality, project leader (total budget 4.7 mill. DKK) (www.turfgrass.dk)
  • Forskningsprogram frøavl III 2004-2009, project leader (total budget 19.5 mill. DKK)
  • Forskningsprogram frøavl II 2000-2004, project leader (total budget 16 mill. DKK)
  • Forskningsprogram frøavl I 1995-2000, project leader (total budget 30 mill. DKK)


Forsknings- og innovationsstyrelsen:

Coordinator of two larger network activities a regional seed cluster ‘Frøvækst Øst’ 2003-06 (www.Froevaekst.dk)  and a regional technology center ‘Seedland’ 2007-09 (www.Seedland.dk) with a total budget of 6.7 and 7.8 mill. DKK, respectively.

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