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Women in Science: a career in research

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed - typerDeltagelse i eller organisering af workshop, seminar eller kursus

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Anna Gerstrøm - Arrangør

Ada Pastor Oliveras - Arrangør

Alejandra Zaragoza Scherman - Arrangør

Sharon Elliott - Arrangør

This learning programme consists of a two day workshop and two individual coaching sessions for each participant.
The two day workshop will introduce us to the constructs of gender and the impact this may have on our career as a female junior researcher. We will consider cultural and structural barriers and analyse the unconscious bias that pervades the working lives of all researchers - women and men. The workshop will give us the opportunity to explore our own experiences and apply a gender lens to our day-to-day challenges and opportunities; to our career expectations and to the research environment.
This knowledge and understanding is the starting point in developing our self-awareness, resilience and self-leadership. The workshop will provide us with practical skills and toolkits to manage these challenges on a day-to-day basis, but also to play our part in challenging gender inequality to effect systematic, cultural, long-term change; enhancing and improving our career possibilities and environments now as well as for the women and men who follow us.
The coaching sessions will provide opportunity to reflect upon your learning and discuss individual challenges with an experienced gender leadership specialist. She will work with you to develop your self-leadership skills, to identify and help manage your challenges and set your own direction and agenda.
3 sep. 20184 sep. 2018


SeminarWomen in Science: a career in research
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