Unsettlements: Creating spaces for community in Gellerup

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


UNSETTLEMENTS: For something not to be fully known it follows that it is not unknown. You simply cannot not have both. But what does it take for something to persist as manifest obscurity through and through? What does it take for something to seem to be clear, so obvious that this very condition seems to hide so many other realities? This question might seem as speculative as its premise appears contrived. But to a growing number of urban residents in cities across the world, it does capture a certain register of their everyday engagements with each other and with the ways of arranging and ordering urban space that insist upon consistency and coherence across landscapes that are intensely disjointed. Here, we think of “estates” in European cities and the ways the inhabitants of these estates are both “set off” from the larger urban environment and, at the same time, are particularly suited for residents to “set off” from them into that larger environment; acting as a kind of platform.
Periode1 mar. 20212 mar. 2021
Sted for afholdelseNational Museum of Denmark: The Real Estate - Research Program, Danmark


  • Architecture
  • Anthroplogy
  • Community
  • future challenges
  • Denmark
  • Cityscape
  • urban planning