Troubles Cinema, Aarhus

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Sara Dybris McQuaid - Arrangør

The film series “Troubles Cinema” was curated to mark the 20th year of the Good Friday agreement and the 50th anniversary since the civil rights movement, with some of the artistic and commercial films made to chronologically portray the conflict in Northern Ireland and the many dimensions and key aspects of the Troubles; from the peaceful march on Bloody Sunday, through both Protestant and Catholic representations, and Northern Irish punk as a safe haven for the young during the conflict; to the Hunger Strike, John Hume and the peace agreement; and finally reconciliation, and ways of handling the past, remembering, and forgetting. The film series was programmed both at Aarhus University and Øst for Paradis in Aarhus, and at Cinemateket in Copenhagen.

Each film was introduced by a speaker with expertise in the themes relevant to the films, such as fieldwork with the underrepresented Protestant paramilitary, Northern Irish punk, the peace process, the events surrounding Bloody Sunday, reconciliation, and heritage studies with works on the Long Kesh/Maze Prison. The film series has attracted a broad audience, varying in nationalities (including the Irish diaspora), age, occupation, and interests, and has worked as a conduit into debate on the importance of (Irish) history, ideologies, art, myths, and facts in current issues such as Brexit.
31 okt. 201821 nov. 2018


SeminarTroubles Cinema, Aarhus
AfholdelsesstedAU and Øst for Paradis



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