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Tracing and Embodying Geological Sensibilities in Charlotte Smith and Ida Marie Hede

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Sebastian Ørtoft Rasmussen - Foredragsholder

The shock of the Anthropocene has thrust upon us new ways of not just understanding but also sensing the world around us. As increasing scholarly attention has brought forward, the last centuries’ unprecedented upheavals in, and radical new conceptualizations of, the Earth’s system have given rise to new ways of experiencing and being in touch with our earthly environment. In this context, my monograph in process traces the appearance and development of what I propose to call a geological sensibility in western literature from the late 18th-century till today. A sensorial encounter rather than a cognitive conceptualization, such a sensibility appears in a broad array of literature as a way of experiencing the environment through the lens of the geological: It is present as for instance a vulnerable mood stemming from the powerful forces of geological catastrophes and events, a hopeful feeling of togetherness and commoradierie led on by new perspectives on the entanglement between the biological and the geological world, or a sense of vertigo in front of the dizzying views and large timescales of deep geological time.

In this paper, I looked closer at such sensibility as it comes to light in representations of encounters with the geological world in the literary works of two different earthly engaged authors: romantic poet Charlotte Smith (1749- 1806) and contemporary writer Ida Marie Hede (1980- ). Although different in both form, scope, and historical context, the literary works of these authors seem to share attention to the way in which our sensibilities attune to both the state of the world around us, as well as to cultural notions of our relationship with it.
13 okt. 202224 okt. 2022

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TitelEarth Sensations: Affects, sensibilities and attachments in an era of climate change
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