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The Unnaturalness of Atheism in the Cognitive Science of Religion

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Armin W. Geertz - Foredragsholder

Foredrag ved en videnskabelig konference.

My talk is based on the work that my colleague Guðmundur Ingi Markússon and I are involved in which concerns the “naturalness of religion” hypothesis promoted by most cognitive scientists of religion. In a paper published in 2009, we argued that the naturalness hypothesis needs to be reconsidered in light of current research in the social cognitive and affective neurosciences as well as in psychology, anthropology and the study of religion. We argue that the single most important aspect of the human mind-in-culture is the process of “cognitive governance.” This process occurs on all levels from brain functions to social and semantic systems. Consequently, whether a particular stand on theism is natural or not depends very much on the cognitive governance systems of a particular society or a particular group of individuals. Thus, we conclude that the naturalness hypothesis is probabilistic and not deterministic.
18 jan. 201220 jan. 2012

Begivenhed (Konference)

TitelThe New Visibility of Atheism in Europe
AfholdelsesstedThe Donner Institute


  • ateisme, religion, kognitiv religionsvidenskab, teori og metode

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