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The Rule of Distributive Justice: Equality or Sufficiency

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Andreas Brøgger Albertsen - Taler

The workshop centers on the question of what "rule" or "pattern" of distribution should govern distributive justice. In particular, the workshop will be focused on two comprehensively different answers to this question: Equality and Sufficiency. In other words, does justice require that everyone is given the same amount of resources or welfare? Or rather that everyone is provided with enough (e.g. to live a decent human life)? Furthermore, if equality is the most plausible answer to questions of distributive justice, then how are we to acquire this? On the other hand, if sufficiency yields a more convincing argument, then how should we define a threshold for the decent human life? The workshop will focus on these questions by invoking insights from recent political philosophy. It seeks to offer its participants a thorough presentation and discussion of the most plausible outlines and limitations of egalitarian and sufficientarian theory and thereby aims to serve as a framework for further discussion on distributive justice. Speakers: Andrew Williams Paula Casal Carl Knight Axel Gosseries Simon Caney Other participants: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen Søren Flinch Midtgaard David V. Axelsen Andreas Brøgger Albertsen Lasse Nielsen Robert Huseby Robert van der Veen
5 jun. 20126 jun. 2012


KonferenceThe Rule of Distributive Justice: Equality or Sufficiency



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