The Marcher Metaphysicals Conference

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Joseph William Sterrett - Arrangør

The Welsh Marches, Marchia Walliae, or Y Mers in Welsh, stretch from Montgomeryshire to Pembroke and mark the boundary between England and Wales. A broad boundary with at times a somewhat hazy demarcation, it defies our fascination with precise definition. The Marches are a place in their own right as well as an approach to somewhere else, a site of great natural beauty as well as political contention. Norman Conquerors used these lands to subdue the native Welsh as well as to create a jurisdiction separate from the English crown. Shakespeare represented them as a wild, rebel landscape full of magic. And, indeed, the Marches were the imaginative home to a number of seventeenth-century poets interested in exploring the boundaries between material and spiritual experience. Of equal importance will be how this tradition of poetry has been updated and reinvigorated over the past century by new poets, many also Welsh, including Dylan Thomas, R.S. Thomas, Rowan Williams, and Gillian Clarke. This conference seeks to explore the relationship between these poets we have come to call the 'Metaphysicals' and the Marches that provided them with both material and imaginative landscapes. What influence had this place and its collective consciousness on poets such as George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, Thomas Traherne and John Donne? How did these poets express an understanding of boundaries, power and resistance as well as an appreciation for the beauty of the natural environment that informed them? How did their poetry speak to the aesthetic, religious, philosophical, and political movements of the seventeenth century? Equally important is how the Marches, and indeed these poets, influence poetry today, aiding poets in our time to find new ways to describe and influence a world beyond the borders. We invite papers that explore the historical contexts, influences, and links shared by these seventeenth-century Metaphysical poets; or pursue fresh readings of their poetry; or do critical work on more recent poets who have followed in the Metaphysical tradition.
29 okt. 20151 nov. 2015


KonferenceThe Marcher Metaphysicals Conference
ByGregynog Hall, Tregynon, Wales


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